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December 15 2008

So here, this could be my last post. I'll se you around tomorrow if it's working when I get up... if not, thanks for the memories.

December 14 2008

So... people. It was really good to be around. I hope to stay in touch with you all. To those with who I won't, hope you have a nice life.

Thanks for the good times, thanks for the memories.

Good night, and good luck.

December 13 2008

!blogkitten says: Party's here, bitches.

December 11 2008

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So I'm making an iconset... what do you think? It's inspired in the icons used in Iron Man, the movie. Tony Stark's office computer.

December 09 2008

Does anybody know where I could get "At War with Walls & Mazes" from Son Lux were I to want it for cheap? Really cheap...


December 07 2008

I just watched Le Scaphandre et le Papillon... I'm blown away.

December 05 2008

Pownce : Alex G. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My Pownce page. I will miss you guys.

December 02 2008

November 27 2008

So... how long does it take for Firefox to cold start on your Mac???
Just finished Gears of War 2. =]

November 18 2008


BOWTIE app: Newcomer to the world of iTunes addons. It's still in beta, but it kicks ass.



November 05 2008

Obama won!!!!!!!!!

November 03 2008

Crap. Obama's grandmother just died.

May she rest in peace.
Just got 2 more GB of RAM for my MacBook :D Yay!!! And it only cost me 33 dollars, which is really dirt cheap here in Mexico. =]

Should I buy AppleCare for my MacBook?

October 27 2008

October 13 2008

Yay! New physical desktop arrived! Now I'm finally happy with my set-up, I just got to save up for a new chair... current one sucks bad.

I'll post a pic later. I'm so happy.
Hey guys. Any developer who can help me a little with a super super tiny program in Java? It's 50 lines long, really easy to understand, basic stuff (I just started learning), and commented, but I can't get it to do a comparison I want.

Help? :D
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